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Featured Artists


At Union Art Alley, we're proud to showcase the incredible talent of a diverse group of local artists who bring our walls to life with their unique visions and styles. From established names to up-and-coming talents, each artist in our lineup has their own story to tell and their own unique way of expressing themselves.


Deneena Hughes

Taylor Berman

Adam Turner

has done mural work in the past as both commissions for private homes and commissions for public places. The largest scale being a 20'x8' mural on brick. Deneena is a professional working artist and also the owner of two art galleries, one of which is newly opened in Stillwater's Grand Garage. 


First involved in a public art project while attending high school in New Richmond, WI. He went on to study Art Education and Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. He enjoys the patterned, repetitious, and concentric mark-making that’s an innate part of the relief process when carving woodcuts, linoleum blocks, and engravings, which translates well to utilizing aerosol paint on walls. Taylor has created large-scale public art with Oliphant Brewing in Somerset, WI as well as Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Ashland Folk Festival (WI), the LynLake Street Art Series in Minneapolis, and the ChromaZone Mural Festival in Saint Paul. An art teacher, Taylor developed a Public Art curriculum that he teaches to 9th-12th graders. 


Designer/illustrator and has been for 30+ years. As such, the concepts and compositions of his pieces come naturally. While he is not known for murals, he has completed more than 10. Adam's most recent murals were for Lupine Brewery in Delano. Adam has also worked as a set designer for a large church for 8 years where he directed and constructed multiple large scale set designs, including painting/murals and other large 3d projects. He paints regularly - acrylic and now oil. A competitor in the first two World Snow Sculpting events in Stillwater, Adam was inspired to create a piece about embracing winter.



Joseph Taylor

 Milwaukee, WI-born fine artist with a sharpened focus on woodcut wall art. While creating a piece, Joseph draws upon many backgrounds, including sculpture, painting, drawing, carpentry, intarsia, and wood carving. The result is a dreamlike, dimensional landscape made from recycled skateboards and other found wood. His backgrounds are an elaborate example of an acrylic wash on selected birch veneer. In addition to this focus, Taylor is a musician, gardener, father, and children’s book author and illustrator.


Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 3_edited_edite

JoJo of Murals by EROS

JoJo of Murals by EROS graffiti art is all about style. JoJo's pieces primarily focus on stylized letters and using that style to tell more of a story than the words can on their own. Over 30 years, the iterations of his signature “EROS One73” have become his self-portrait, pseudonym and alter-ego—“It has become me and I have become it.” The Union Art Alley mural shows a new interest in bold geometric shapes that speak for themselves. The shapes are simple in their complexity and the colors exude joy. Murals by EROS allows JoJo to share his passion for graffiti art as a medium of beauty, strength, freedom and positive energy.

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